Why PDF Not Opening in Gmail?

If your PDF Not Opening in Gmail, this article will help you resolve the problem. Before that, ensure you have a PDF reader software on your phone or on your computer. If not, download and install the PDF reader. Here we consider Adobe Acrobat reader.

PDF Not Opening in Gmail

Let us see the steps to open a PDF file on Android.

Step 1

Tap on the Google Play Store app.

Step 2

Tap on the search box at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Type in adobe acrobat reader and you will see the matching search results below the search bar.


Step 4

Tap on Adobe Acrobat Reader, which should be at the top of the search result. 

Step 5

Next, it will open the Adobe Acrobat Reader page.

Step 6

Tap the INSTALL button. 

Step 7

Next, tap on the ACCEPT option when prompted to begin the download.

Step 8

Wait for Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the downloading process. 

Step 9

Once it gets downloaded, you can now open and read the PDF file you downloaded from your Gmail account.

How to open the downloaded PDF file for the first time?

Step 1

Tap on the Adobe Acrobat Reader app icon.

Step 2

Swipe from right to left until the final page of the tutorial is reached.

Step 3

Tap the blue button at the bottom of the page, which is the Get Started button. 

Step 4

Tap on the Local tab at the top. It will lead you to a list of all local PDF files on your Android device.

Step 5

If there is no PDF file on your phone, then Tap on the ALLOW option when prompted. 

Step 6

Finally, Refresh the page.

Accessing a PDF in Gmail on a browser:

Gmail has a built-in PDF reader and instead of using the PDF reader on your computer, Gmail will load the PDF in your browser itself. In case your PDF file is not opening in Gmail:

  • Download the file and check if you are able to open it using your device’s PDF reader.
  • If the file is corrupted or if it is of some other file format, then you can’t open it.
  • Check your internet connection. If it is too slow, then it might take time to download the PDF file. Even if the file is large in size, the download could be aborted, and as a result, you won’t be able to open the PDF in Gmail.
  • Sometimes, an outdated web browser could also cause this issue. So, update your browser to the latest version and try to open the PDF file in Gmail. Now we have seen how to fix PDF Not Opening in Gmail issue.


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