Fix: Mail Stuck In Outlook Outbox

Mail Stuck In Outlook Outbox

Email messages might get stuck in the Outlook outbox folder for various reasons. The most common reason for mails to be stuck in the Outlook outbox can be due to the attachment of the large files that exceed the size limit.

When it occurs, there are few solutions that can help you resolve this issue. Your email provider might block mails with attachments that exceed the size limit.

Here are the solutions to fix the Mail Stuck In Outlook Outbox issue

Delete the mail stuck in outbox: (Outlook 2013)

  • Step : 1 On your Outlook page, click SEND/RECEIVE > Work Offline.
  • Step : 2 Click Outbox in the navigation pane.
  • Step : 3 Select the message and press Delete to delete the attachment.
  • Step : 4 If an Outlook error occurs, close Outlook and sign out of Windows.
  • Step : 5 It takes about a few minutes.
  • Step : 6 Sign in to Windows again and start Outlook.
  • Step : 7 Start to delete the attachment.
  • Step : 8 After you delete the attachment, click SEND/RECEIVE > Work Offline to resume working online.
  • Step : 9 Resize the large files by following the given steps.
  • Step : 10 Set the Outlook in Offline mode.
  • Step : 11 Select the Outbox in the navigation pane.
  • Step : 12 Drag the email message stuck to the Drafts folder to edit it.
  • Step : 13 Avoid viewing the Outbox while it is waiting to be sent.
  • Step : 14 Ensure that your Outlook operates in online mode.
  • Step : 15 Due to the connectivity issues, your mail might get stuck in your Outlook outbox. At the bottom of the Outlook window, you will see one of the following status messages: Connected to or Disconnected or Trying to connect. If you’re disconnected, then check for an active network connection and try restarting your system.
  • Step : 16 Check for the mail settings. Now we have seen how to fix Mail Stuck In Outlook Outbox issue.

These are the most trusted solutions if your mail is stuck in the Outlook outbox. You can try contacting our team of experts for further assistance.


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